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INNOVATION double bass strings have now developed the new POLYCHROME HYBRID Set(90140P).

Featuring a non-metallic core but utilizing various Ferrous Metal Windings to a medium tension, these strings are perfect for all styles of playing.

The original INNOVATION HONEY Set(90140H) is primarily designed for Jazz Players.

With a solid non-metallic core and brighter sound the set is complemented by the INNOVATION BRAIDED Set(90140B), primarily for Orchestral Players but featuring a braided non-metallic core. The INNOVATION SOLO Set(90140BS) completes the Orchestral area of the INNOVATION range.

Since 1999 when Innovation Strings originally introduced the ROCK-A-BILLY Set(90140RB)

The range has expanded to include the ROCK-A-BILLY RED Set(90140RR) and various Psychobilly, Bluegrass and Jazz Sets in Low, Medium and High Tensions.

Check out the full INNOVATION range, there is sure to be a set to suit your style!